Oral Cancer Diploma Program

The first-ever global standardized training programs across different disciples

The Oral Cancer Diploma Program is the first-ever structured educational program that addresses the variability in practice, different clinical pathways, caseload differences, and patient demographics. Developed as a joint effort between AO CMF and IAOO (International Academy for Oral Oncology), the Oral Cancer Diploma Program, a pioneer in its field, will significantly contribute to the development of a standardized evidence-based knowledge platform across multiple specialties involved in treating and managing oral cancer cases. 

Those who have successfully completed the training, will be able to receive the Diploma of Oral Oncology, awarded jointly by AO Foundation and IAOO.



Why you should join

The Oral Cancer Diploma Program will be launched in March 2022!

For more information contact us here: info@aocmf.org

Learn with a clear path

The program combines a well-structured online learning program along with clinical training at host institutes or AO CMF fellowship centers. Over a maximum period of two years, participants will gain substantial knowledge of the subject and non-technical skills. 

Online learning modules 

  1. Etiology and prevention (1 month)
  2. Epidemiology and biostats (1 month)
  3. Communication (2 weeks)
  4. Diagnosis and workup (1 month)
  5. Staging and outcome evaluation (1 month)
  6. Treatment planning (1 month)
  7. Surgery (3 months)
  8. Adjuvant treatment (2 weeks)
  9. Post-treatment management and survivorship (2 weeks)
  10. Surveillance and salvage treatment (1 month)


In-person oral examination

The oral examination will be held in the form of a tumor board, during a relevant congress. More information to be announced in due time. 

Structured clinical fellowship or observership

The clinical fellowship will take place in a certified fellowship center for a period of three months and can be organized at any time after the completion of the surgical online module. List of accepted fellowship/observership clinics

The Oral Cancer Diploma Program Steering Committee

The Oral Cancer Diploma Program is driven, written, and taught by world-renowned surgeons and tailored to surgeons’ needs. With their vast experience, local and international faculty members give mentoring support through the program’s duration. Each faculty member has undergone a dedicated faculty training program.
Moni Kuriakose
Gregorio Sanchez Aniceto
Marcelo Figari
Iain McVicar
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