Call for applications: AO CMF Asia Pacific Board members from Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea

01 September 2021

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AO CMF Asia Pacific announces three open positions for the following subregions: subregion 4 representing South Korea, subregion 8 representing Australia and New Zealand. 

Eligibility criteria

For this position, you should be dedicated to sharing and encouraging ideas across professional and cultural boundaries. The successful applicants need to be able to work in a multicultural environment. He/she is expected to have the vision to contribute to the AO CMF community. These representatives from Australia, New Zealand and South Korea will serve on the AO CMFAP Board for a term of three years, starting July 1, 2022.

To apply for these positions, candidates must be AO CMF members and must have an English level of minimum seven out of ten. The English level will be assessed by a language professional if applicable.

The job description can be found here.


Election process 

Applications must be submitted to AO CMF Asia Pacific by October 10, 2021. The Nomination Committee will review all applications and select the candidates who fulfill the prerequisites to start the voting process.

The "first past the post" election mechanism with multiple rounds (runoffs) will be used; thereafter, the electorate will vote electronically in November 2021. If a candidate reaches an absolute majority in any round, he/she will be the winner. The candidate with the least votes will be eliminated at each round. Another round will be carried out if no candidate reaches an absolute majority.

The electorate consists of active AO CMF faculty from the respective countries and the current members of the AO CMF Asia Pacific Board.


AO CMF invites eligible candidates to apply     

If you fulfill the requirements provided in the job description, please send in:

Please submit the completed documents by e-mail to Isabella Wong at


For more information, please contact Isabella Wong at

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