Don’t miss AO CMF at the virtual 25th EACMFS Congress, July 14–16, 2021


18 June 2021


AO CMF chairpersons and faculty will combine their best cases and knowledge at two interactive and engaging seminars at the European Association for the Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery (EACMFS) 25 th Congress. This virtual event will take place July 14–16, 2021.

These gold-standard educational sessions will be very popular at the virtual event and faculty are highly motivated to ensure that you get the most out of your time online. Participate in the live case discussions and panels and learn from expert presentations.

Registration is now open at the EACMFS congress website. The AO CMF team looks forward to welcoming you to the online sessions detailed below:

July 13, 08:30–12:30 Central European Summer Time (CEST)

AO CMF Online Seminar—Orthognathic Surgery

State-of-the art practices in aesthetic and functional surgery and congenital deformities of the midface will be the focus of this seminar.

Computer-assisted surgery and complications of virtual surgical planning and in orthognathic surgical procedures as well as obstructive sleep apnea and aesthetical aspects in orthognathic surgery will be discussed. Midface advancement versus distraction will be considered and participants will be able to pick up tips and tricks on mastering the cleft nose. Midface reconstruction of cleft- and craniofacial patients will be addressed and an expert case discussion, from primary treatment to secondary corrections: Mastering planning, timing and delivery of surgery for congenital midface deformities, will provide an excellent end to the seminar.



Register now at the EACMFS congress website.
July 16, 14:30–16:45 CEST

AO CMF Online Seminar—The Cleft Maxilla

This seminar will focus on the best practices and current management of the cleft maxilla. Formal presentations will be followed by expert panel case discussions covering two to three cases on each of the following topics:

  • Grafting the cleft maxilla: timing and modalities
  • Reconstruction of the alveolar, bone in cleft maxillae and 3D planning
  • Does the nose deformity depend on the cleft maxilla?
  • Le Fort 1 fracture and cleft maxilla
  • Rehabilitation of the lateral incisor
  • Syndromic cleft maxilla: What are the differences?



Register now at the EACMFS congress website.

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