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Help us move into the digital era by becoming an AO CMF online faculty member!

09 April 2020

Video conference with doctor

AO CMF is looking for 50 AO CMF Faculty volunteers to contribute as online faculty for a newly developed digital program offering a deep dive into a new topic every month.

This exciting initiative, a collaboration between AO CMF Community Development and AO CMF Education, is poised to revolutionize how we offer education. The focus will be on our online engagement and education program accessible through the newly created knowledge hub, the AO CMF Online Campus.

This program provides the craniomaxillofacial (CMF) community a monthly topic-specific selection of diverse self-directed learning activities and the opportunity to attend online live sessions, such as online lectures, expert case or panel discussions, and even an online seminar. 

AO CMF is now calling for applications for 50 AO CMF faculty members to be part of this new, visionary project and contribute to its success as online speakers, moderators, chat moderators, panelists, etc.

Those who meet the criteria detailed below are encouraged to apply. Applications must be submitted on or before April 27, 2020.


Candidates should:

  • Be an approved and active AO CMF faculty member or faculty candidate.
  • Be highly motivated to contribute to AO CMF online activities.
  • Have a very good command of the English language.
  • Be experienced in online teaching.
  • Be prepared to dedicate an adequate time to the AO CMF Online Campus sessions.
  • Have a stable cable or digital subscriber line (DLS) internet connection meeting the basic upload and download minimum bandwidth requirements:1 megabit per second (3–5 mbps would be ideal).
  • Be familiar with Zoom online meeting platform.

The selected faculty members will contribute to building, presenting and/or moderating the online activities in the field of CMF surgery.

Selection process

Applications must be submitted to AO CMF on or before April 27, 2020. Applications will then be forwarded to the AO CMF Online Campus Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee will evaluate the applications and select the 50 AO CMF faculty who meet the requirements.
Regional representation and diversity are very important criteria that will be considered in the selection process.

AO CMF invites interested AO CMF faculty to apply

Applicants who fulfill the requirements above and submit the following documents will be considered for selection:

  • A short curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A three-minute recorded Zoom video, which should begin with a brief introduction of the applicant followed by a short presentation covering a CMF-related topic of your choice
  • A PDF file containing the slides presented in the video

Please submit the completed documents by April 27, 2020 to AO CMF Project Coordinator Ariadna Guirao at

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