AO Research Institute (ARI)

The AO Research Institute (ARI) in Davos focuses on creating new surgical solutions. What else is going on?
Watch the video featuring Geoff Richards, Director AO Research Institute

AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AOCID)

AOCID is an institute dedicated to clinical excellence. It's the number one provider for clinical research for the AO Community. Click here to learn more about the work of AOCID.

Research and Development

AOCMF’s Research and Development (R&D) activities aim to produce new findings and develop them into practice so that they impact the clinical care of craniomaxillofacial injuries. This is in accordance with AO's mission to achieve more efficient patient care worldwide.

 AOCMF’s Strategic Research Areas:

  • ​Bone defects/healing
  • Fracture treatment
  • Clinical planning
  • Clinical outcomes