Meet Risto Kontio, Former Chair, AOCMF R&D

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R&D Governance structure

Dan Buchbinder and Riitta Seppänen The AOCMF Research & Development Commission emerged from the former AOCMF R&D Committee, which was established by the AOCMF International Board at its meeting in Frankfurt in May 2006.  It is a commission subordinated to the AOCMF International Board.


​AOCMF Research & Development Commission—functions and duties:
​The commission is composed of:
  • Define the AOCMF R&D strategy and priorities based on identified relevant clinical problems
  • Advise the AOCMF SpB on matters related to research and development 
  • Support AOCMF R&D budget planning (within framework defined by AOCMF SpB)
  • Function as entrance door and coordination for R&D related issues of AOCMF community members
  • Supervise and monitor AOCMF R&D projects (milestones and budget)
  • Review of applications for new projects and extensions in accordance to the defined peer review process
  • ​AOCMF R&D Chairperson
  • Chairperson AOCMF International Board
  • Chairperson AOCMF TK
  • Elected Members (AOCMF experts)
  • AOCMF Research Manager