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INSIGHTS CMF—everything CMF in one place

Since its iPad launch in September 2015, INSIGHTS CMF has fast become the go-to medical knowledge platform for CMF surgeons. Users can now get the full INSIGHTS experience, including access to AOCMF member benefits, on any device of their choosing, including the iPhone and Android smartphones. Apart from being universal, Medical Insights is now working towards an even higher degree of personalization: CMF surgeons hungering for knowledge can soon expect to get relevant information and news updates conveniently delivered to their inboxes.

With Insights CMF you get:

  • Personalized Digests
    Based upon your specialization and interests, INSIGHTS digests deliver monthly curated knowledge to your email.

  • In-depth Search Capabilities
    Advanced search algorithms provide access to journal articles, images, case studies, videos, and more. All in one place.
  • Evolving Source Base
    Constantly evolving source base built around always keeping you up to date. Including videos, news, journals and more.
  • In-App Translation
    English not your native language? With INSIGHTS, that's no problem as our translation engine can translate anything.
  • Additional benefits for AO Members
    INSIGHTS CMF, in partnership with the AO Foundation, is providing AO Members with exclusive member benefits, including access to AOCMF line and full text articles.