Touch Surgery— find out how it works 

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CMF INSIGHTS—everything CMF in one place

INSIGHTS Cranio-Maxillofacial allows surgeons to access critical knowledge when they need it most. On iOS and Android, INSIGHTS CMF integrates leading journals, videos and case studies, creating the most convenient way to handle critical developments in the medical world. More

Learning by doing: Apps for cognitive teaching

New technological advances offer learning outside of the traditional setting. Following the surgical mantra: "the decision comes before the incision," AOCMF is participating in the development of tablet based apps that take cognitive teaching of surgical skills to the next level.

  • Surgery Reference—a step-by-step guide to surgical management
    Surgery Reference offers both young and experienced surgeons a step-by-step guide to surgical management, from diagnosis to aftercare. Surgical decisions are made easy, with information on hundreds of surgical procedures and approaches within easy reference. Get the app

  • Touch Surgery—a surgical planning simulator
    This surgery simulation app, enables users to practice surgery anytime, anywhere. In the app's training mode, surgeons can learn operations in a step-by-step manner with 3D graphics simulating realistic surgical environments. In test mode, users can track their results and measure their progress, which can also be shared with classmates and work colleagues.