Apps for cognitive teaching

In keeping with the educational principle of learning by doing, AOCMF has collaborated on first tablet based simulations for cognitive surgical training, available free-of-charge worldwide. More

INSIGHTS CMF—everything CMF in one place

INSIGHTS Cranio-Maxillofacial allows surgeons to access critical knowledge when they need it most. On iOS and Android, INSIGHTS CMF integrates leading journals, videos and case studies, creating the most convenient way to handle critical developments in the medical world. More

Innovations: Virtual Simulation—just like the real thing

The cockpit of an airplane is a far cry from the clinical environment of an operating theater. However the simulation tools used to train pilots and ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and skills to be truly safe in the air, are now also pushing innovation in surgery and medical education.

AOCMF has taken a lead in assessing virtual surgical simulation as a means of helping junior surgeons to learn complex medical procedures before they undertake them on real life patients. AOCMF is collaboratively developing cognitive and high-fidelity surgical planning and simulator technologies. These aim to fulfill the educational mission of the AO and improve operational performance, for better patient outcomes.

AO Strategy Fund project:
Multipurpose virtual surgical simulation trainer

The aim of this long-term initiative is to enable AO to integrate a broad range of surgical simulations into its portfolio of educational solutions and offerings. The ultimate goal is to strengthen AO's position as a world-recognized provider of surgical simulation solutions for medical education and training. More