Large Bone Defects

Large bone defects can complicate osteosynthesis and may lead to fracture nonunion. This project supports effective, innovative solutions to this familiar problem in orthopedic surgery. Current efforts include both in vitro (progenitor cells, vascularization, scaffolds) and in situ (autologous grafts, genetic manipulation, delivery vehicle) approaches.

Critical size bone defects in relation to CranioMaxilloFacial surgery
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A novel bioactive multifunctional dendrimer-cell bone scaffold for polytraumatic large bone defects

Sauerbier S / Mata A / Freimann T / Duttenhoefer F / Eglin D / Niemeyer P
University Medical Center, Freiburg (Germany)
Project #: C-10-60S
Project description: link to PDF file

Biodegradable inductive load-bearing bone regeneration scaffold

Jabbari E / Markwald R / Carnevale K / Sharawy M
University of South Carolina, Columbia (USA)
Project #: C-10-44J
Project description: link to PDF file

Hydrogel-titanium composites for mandibular reconstruction

Weber F / Gr├Ątz K / de Wild M / Kruse A / Bredell M
University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland)
Project #: C-10-37W
Project description: link to PDF file

Optimizing neovascularization of biomimetic implants for repair of large craniofacial defects

Warren S / Davidson E / Knobel D / Butala P / Sutan S / Crawford J
New York University (USA)
Project #: C-10-45W
Project description: link to PDF file

Osteogenic effect of neonatal dura on critical sized defects

Gosain A / Cooper G
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland (USA)
Project #: C-10-59 G
Project description: link to PDF file

Phospholipid delivery for cell-based approaches to treat critical-sized craniofacial bone defects

Leach K / Karin N
University of California, Davis (USA)
Project #: C-10-39L
Project description: link to PDF file

Regeneration of a critical size mandibular defect by using an innovative bone engineering strategy

Hutmacher D / Lynham A / Saifzadeh S / Schuetz M / Rohner D
Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove (Australia)
Project #: C-10-61H
Project description: link to PDF file