CPP Imaging and Planning in Surgery

This widely inclusive research initiative is devoted to imaging and planning in all stages of surgery: pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative management. The AOCMF research guide provides a state-of-the-field overview for everything from CT-based surgical simulations to custom implant design. 

2012 (ordered by title)


An occlusion simulation system during virtual surgery based on collision and mesh editing

Liu X / Zhang X  /Wang X / Li C / Peng Y
Peking University (China)
Project #: C-12-19L

Development of a 3-D software for an all-in-one-planning-solution of orthognatic surgical procedures

Rana M / Essig H / Tavassol F
Medical School Hannover (Germany)
Project #: C-12-21R

Workflow for improving 2-D and 3-D skull visualization - a novel iterative voxel/mesh based approach

Kamer L /  Noser H
AO Research Institute Davos (Switzerland)
Project # C-12-12K

CMF-12-12K Kamer - Abstract.pdfProject description (PDF)

2010 (ordered by title)

3-D characterization of facial deformities and prediction of facial soft and hard tissue response to orthognatic surgery

Cheung L / Jayaratne Y / Zwahlen R / Lo J / Chua H / Choi YK
University of Hong Kong (China)
Project #: C-10-16C 
Project description (PDF)

Clinical accuracy in maxillo-mandibular reconstruction using fibula flap: virtual vs stereomodel

Lo J / Peng Y / Cheung L / Jayaratne Y
University of Hong Kong (China)
Project #: C-10-20L
Project description (PDF)

Evaluation of accuracy of CAD/CAM fabricated splints for orthognathic surgery

Zizelmann C / Hammer B / Rohner D / Kokemüller H / Noser H / Kamer L
Hirslanden Medical Center, Aarau (Switzerland)
Project #: C-10-25Z
Project description (PDF)

Prediction of soft tissue changes in bimaxillary surgery for obstructive sleep apnea

Salisbury K / Girod S
Stanford University, Palo Alto (USA)
Project #: C-10-30S
Project description (PDF)

Rapid prototyped individual orbital wall implant

Process description of individual orbital wall reconstruction using 3-D CAD – Rapid prototyping (RP) techniques
Kontio R / Westermark A / Suomalainen A
Helsinki University Hospital (Finland)
Project #: C-10-1K
Project description (PDF)

Realtime-navigated, customized correction of superior sulcus deformity and enophthalmos in anophthalmic patients using computer-assisted designed 3D titanium-meshes

Rana M / Essig H / Gladilin E / Zizelmann C / Schramm A / Gellrich NC / Kokemüller H / Wilde F
Medical School Hannover (Germany)
Project #: C-10-17R
Project description (PDF)

Workflow for custom-made CAD/CAM titanium plates based on virtually planned maxillofacial reconstruction

Rohner D / Kamer L / Noser H / Zizelmann C / Hammer B
Hirslanden Medical Center, Aarau (Switzerland)
Project #: C-10-22R
Project description (PDF)

2009 (ordered by title)

3-D reconstruction of the orbita from 3T MRI as an alternative to CT

Schmutz B / Coulthard A / Rahmel B / Schütz M
Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia)
Project #: C-09-3S
Project description (PDF)

3-D statistical skull and face model: development and application in the design and outcome analysis of craniofacial surgery 

Antonyshyn O / Mainprize J
University of Toronto (Canada)
Project #: C-09-6A
Project description (PDF)

Black bone MRI in the diagnosis and planning of craniofacial, orthognathic and mandibular oncological surgery

Watt-Smith S / Eley K / Golding S
University of Oxford & Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust (Oxford / Great Britain)
Project #: C-09-1W
Project description (PDF)

CT analysis of structural buttresses in the traumatized nose – A basis for decision making for early open rhinoplasty and biomechanical study of nasal structural support

Lee S / Lee HP / Leow WK / Shim TWH / Yeo M
National University of Singapore
Project #: C-09-2L
Project description (PDF)

Multimodal virtual model for computer-assisted complex reconstruction of the midfacial deformities

Essig H / Winkelbach S / Kokemüller H / Tavassol F / Rücker M / Shin H / Gellrich NC
Hannover Medical School (Germany)
Project #: C-09-4E
Project description (PDF)