Past projects:
Large Bone Defects

This program is aimed at developing solutions for large bone defect healing in adverse environments, a problem faced by many orthopedic trauma surgeons. Learn more

Past projects: 
CPP Imaging
and planning in surgery

The AOCMF Research & Development Commission has established Clinical Priority Program to promote high quality research ultimately relevant to Imaging and Planning in Surgery. Learn more

What we are researching
Main focus: ARONJ

Last year AOCMF launched its new Clinical Priority Program (CPP) on "Anti-osteoclastic drugs and their impact on maxillofacial and orthopedic bone biology, disease, diagnostics, prevention and treatment modalities (ARONJ). The comprehensive program includes a Guide to Research book, open calls for proposals, projects with the AO Research Institute Davos, and a scientific conference in London in September, 2016.

​Overview of on-going ARONJ projects:

  • Prevention and treatment of ARONJ using
    blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells
  • Large animal model for antiresorptive drug
    induced osteonecrosis of the jaw
  • Prevention of bisphosphonate related
    osteonecrosis of the jaws using a novel tissue
    engineering strategy
  • Bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of
    the jaw—the role of soft tissue healing
  • Learn more about ARONJ projects 

Current ARONJ ​highlights:


New research focus: Bone regeneration

Ablative surgery or major facial trauma in the maxillofacial area leads to bone defects that predispose functional as well as aesthetic complications. The bone defects of the facial skeleton need immediate reconstruction to provide satisfactory function of the jaws as well as an acceptable aesthetic outcome. more