Research and Development

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AOCMF’s Research and Development (R&D) activities aim to produce new findings and develop them into practice so that they impact the clinical care of craniomaxillofacial injuries. more

AOTK System

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In close collaboration with its industrial partners, the AO Foundation constantly develops new operation techniques, implants, and instruments under the medical guidance of independent surgeons. more

What we are researching

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We are continually working on delivering medical innovations. Get more information about ongoing and past research projects in critical areas of investigation. more

Funding opportunities

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By offering research grants to research conducted in our medical area, we hope to offer treatment methods that will make a real difference to patients worldwide. more


We are always looking ahead, spotting new and evolving medical technologies before they become common practice. How can tomorrow's technologies help us to improve patient care now? This question guides our approach in all innovation initiatives we engage in. more

R&D Governance Structure

The AOCMF R&D commissions drives research initiatives and provides advice and guidance to the AO  Research Institute. Have a look at our governance setup. more