New AOCMF Web Editoral Board

04. February 2016

AOCMF Web Editorial Board is leading all AOCMF online activities.

Dr Sabine Girod and Dr Florian Thieringer

​New AOCMF Web Editorial Board

In 2015, the AOCMF International Board took the decision to transition the Community Development Commission into a new Board to assume responsibility for all online communication across AOCMF.

Dr Sabine Girod, Associate Professor of Surgery at Stanford University, US, and AO faculty, chair, as well as member of the CPP IPS and the CMF R&D committees, is the elected Web Editor and Chief of the newly formed Web Editorial Board for the term July 1, 2015–June 30, 2018. Reflecting on her first six months in this role, Girod shares: "I am very interested in online education and communication and am therefore excited to be leading this effort and to support the AOFoundation with its goals."

In addition to Girod, Dr Florian Thieringer, MD, DDS, MHBA, and CMF Consultant/ Research Group Leader at the University Hospital Basel is the elected Associate Web Editor. Thieringer brings extensive experience in desktop & web publishing, teaching, and computer-based trainings. "The Internet is very important for CMF, and through increased collaboration, we can improve our communication and better interact with our global audience," Thieringer explains.

2016 priorities for the Web Editorial Board

The Web Editorial Board, together with the AOCMF International Board, has developed a strategic plan for AOCMF web communication in 2016. Working groups have been established to focus on the following four priorities:

  1. Redesign of the AOCMF website, in line with the IT structural changes underway.
  2. Evaluate and strengthen AOCMF social media for constituents and surgeons worldwide.
  3. Enhance the AOCMF 'faculty lounge', to facilitate easier online communication and interaction.
  4. Redefine AOCMF membership benefits.

Further goals for AOCMF online communications

The commission is also working with the Education Institute to develop a new platform for online learning. In addition, a new e-version of the CMTR print journal will be exclusively published on the web, to discuss clinical cases and improve clinical content.

"The next few years will be exciting for AOCMF, as we put our new online communications strategy into action," adds Girod.

AOCMF wishes Sabine and Florian success in driving CMF online communications forward.