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Membership: FAQs


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Browse through our FAQs to find out what you need to know about AOCMF Membership.

How do I become an AOCMF Member?

In order to join the AOCMF community, simply login on our website and follow the instructions.

What is my dashboard?

It is your personal website after you login from the homepage of your clinical division.

Where can I access my member benefits?

Once you login to your dashboard they are listed under benefits with clickable links

I forgot my password.

Go to login and click "forgot your password" enter your email address, as this is unique to each member, click send. A new password will be sent to your email and then you can change it when you login.

How can I pay my membership fee?

By credit card directly online, by bank transfer, or by sending us your credit card information for us to process.

Can I pay the membership fee offline?

Yes. In case you have problems with the online payment, you may choose the offline payment form, which you can download on the sign-up page where you also choose your membership package.

How much does membership cost?

Member CHF 40 (1yr)/ CHF 120 (3 yrs) and Member Plus CHF 75 (1 yr) / 225 CHF (3 yrs). 

How can I renew my membership?

Just login to your dashboard and under 'your membership' you will see a link to renew. Click this to be direct to the wizard.

How can I get receipt for my membership?

When you login to your dashboard, under membership you may view and download all your payment receipts.

Why will my credit card not work?

Many times your credit card company or bank has restrictions on international purchases. If your credit card did not work, please contact your provider to make sure you are allowed to make purchases in CHF.

Why do I not see my certificates and/or courses in my profile?

First you must be a member to add any information to your profile. If you are already a member, then it is up to you to choose and upload any information that you want to publish on your profile page. This is not automatically done by AO.

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