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AOCMF Course—3D Planning and Printing, Orthognathic Surgery (hands-on computer planning, printing)

Directed by Florian Thieringer and Sabine Girod this course addresses current, patient-specific, and practical applications of medical 3D printing and 3D planning in orthognathic surgery. The principles and advanced workflow processes from the lab to the OR are discussed in detail. Practical exercises include 3D planning of patient-specific solutions and production of accurate patient-individualized 3D printed anatomical models. This innovative hands-on day is delivered using a combination of


AOCMF Masters Course Davos—Orthognathic Surgery, Challenges and Controversies

AOCMF is pleased to announce that the AOCMF Master Course- Orthognathic Surgery, Challenges and Controversies (with human anatomical specimens), will again be held at the Davos Courses 2019. Led by Mike Leung and Ignacio Ismael García Recuero, this four-day course focuses on state-of-the-art techniques and best practices at a master's level in orthognathic surgery. Emerging technologies and clinical controversies in orthognathics are addressed. Using human anatomical specimens, surgical access