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AOCMF Focused Course—Principles in Osteotomy

This course is designed for Japan resident.  Lectures and discussions, workshop are conducted in Japanese. Save up to 10% on this course by becoming an AOCMF Member/Member Plus. If you already have an AOCMF login,  click here  to upgrade before registering to this course. If you don't have an AOCMF login, create a  new account here , and then purchase a membership package before registering to this course. <登録用日本語 Manual > https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8uahk4hbnl0or9m/AACt9fvDTTw_Q-76l6JT1dFna?dl=0


AOCMF Course—Management of Facial Trauma

Diagnose facial injury through history, physical examination, and investigation Formulate a treatment plan (operative and nonoperative) Perform the specific treatment for facial trauma Modify the treatment plan when necessary Manage patient follow-up and rehabilitation Identify and manage complications