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AOCMF organizes many events, including courses, seminars, workshops, and symposia; use this section to find and register for the ones relevant to you. We also provide access to online online event rooms designed to help you prepare for your trip. More

Faculty Support

Faculty members will find course planning, preparation materials, syllabi, course templates, and more. We also provide a list of faculty training events and a searchable directory of all faculty members. More


The AOCMF community supports between 25-30 fellowships a year to provide additional experience in AO techniques for fully trained CMF surgeons with an interest in trauma. More

​Surgery Reference

The comprehensive online reference for your daily clinical life. AO Surgery Reference is a huge online repository of surgical knowledge, consisting of more than 7,000 pages detailing hundreds of procedures and approaches. Along the way you will find all sorts of pertinent materials drawn from our catalog of illustrations, photos, videos, and clinical reports. More

​AOCMF Classification


The AO Comprehensive Injury Auto-matic Classifier (AOCOIAC)
includes a module in Craniomaxillo-
facial fractures. You can download this stand-alone PC-based software here. More
CaseBase enables AOCMF members to post and discuss interesting cases, either publicly or in private groups.  More

​AOCMF Journal

All AOCMF members have access to the journal of Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction, in addition to the library of current and archived journals we provide via ScienceDirect. More